Millhome Nursery and Greenhouses carries one of the areas finest selections of annual bedding plants. We stock the staples plus unique plants to help you create the planting accents you desire. Plants are available in packs of four or most specialty plants are planted in 4.5" pots to help provide instant color. Choose from:

Accent plants:  Vinca vine, Sweet potato vine, Asparagus fern, Spikes, Setcresa, Alternanthera, Lysimachia, Iresine, Lamium, Helichrysum, etc..

Annual grasses:  Pennisetum sp., Wild Spike, King Tut, Baby Tut, Ogon grass, Ornamental Millet, Carex sp., Fiber Optic grass, Juncus sp., Stipa, etc..

Potted Annuals:  Fiesta Dbl. Impatiens, Dragon Wing Begonia, Geranium, Sun Coleus, Abutilon, Ornamental Pepper, Angelonia, Bacopa, Gryphon Begonia, Phantom Petunia, Non Stop Begonia, Vinca, Fuschia, Streptocarpella, Chenile, Nicotiana etc..

Proven Winners:  A beautiful selection of the most popular varieties of Calibricoa, Osteospermum, Verbena, Euphorbias, Cuphea, etc

Bedding 4 packs:  Alyssum, Wax Begonia, Impatiens, Lobelia, Marigold, Petunia, Vinca, Verbena, Gazania, Zinnia, Coleus, Celosia, Pansy, Viola, etc..

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